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Welcome to Living your Bucket List!

My name is Ralf Gottfried and I’d like to welcome you to my website, Living Your Bucket List.

My goal is to teach you not only how to create a fulfilling and comprehensive bucket list, but on how to follow through and really get the results you’ve dreamt about.

You may already be familiar with a popular movie called „The Bucket List“ starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Many people learned about the concept of bucket lists through this movie and have already begun to achieve their hopes and aspirations.

My idea is that unlike the characters in the film, you shouldn’t wait until you’re at an old age or hit with a major illness before thinking about a bucket list. In fact, you can start building your list right now and seeing real results before you reach a point where it’s too late.

To get started with building your very own bucket list, please sign up on the right side of this page and fill out my FREE quick-start-guide. It’s a brief but effective way to get your thoughts down on paper so that you can start reaching for, and realizing your dreams.

Hallo Freunde und Bekannte Einladung zum Wellnesstag

Ich suche diejenigen die mal etwas besonderes machen wollen. Das tollste rennen der Welt den Tough Mudder.

Es ist ein „Erlebnistag“ kombiniert mit Wellness!

1. Laufen in einer vorgegebenen Route -so dass sich keiner verlaufen kann

2. Fitnessübungen um seine Leistungsfähigkeit zu testen, mit gleichzeitiger Unterstützung und Motivation der Gruppe

3. Wellness mit Schlammbäder, Kneippkur in kaltem Wasser und stimmulierende Elektromassagen.

4 Wenn Ihr das überlebt habt und das Ziel glücklich erreicht habt, dann gibt es als erstes ein isotonisches Getränk (Bier), ein T-shirt und ein Stirnband wie mein Hund Maxwell es trägt.

Ich kann euch garantieren, dass Ihr diese Herausforderung nicht vergessen werdet und bei den nächsten Partys und BNI Events etwas zu erzählen habt, wo ihr Leute zeigen könnt was in euch steckt.

So-  wer ist bereit zu dieser unvergesslichen HERAUSFORDERUNG/ SPASS?

Ich hoffe, dass ich einige dazu inspirieren kann, etwas Aussergewönliches zu tun!

Ralf Team My Bucket List

Ps habe den Tough Mudder schon mal vor 3 Jahren in Wisthler, Canada mitgemacht – also wenn iIhr noch Fragen habt, einfach anrufen 0176-72350143

“One day your life will flash before your eyes – Make sure it’s worth watching”


1 Chapter from my new Ebook

Get Your Plan Together

The importance of having the general outline for the course to be set should not be underestimated. Taking the time and effort to clearly explain the various elements involved and getting feed back at this stage is beneficial to the success of the goal.

Defining the various components expected is also another vital element. This may include the baselines which are also known as the performance measured.

These baselines usually provide the guidelines for the balance and check exercises within the project frame. There is also the need to have proper risk management, quality, procurement, and staffing and communications elements in place along with any other vital elements that may directly impact the success of the motivation factor.

Establishing clear roles within the goal’s frame are also needed which would include defining the roles and responsibilities of all involved. It is very important to have a clear outline of what it to be achieved and who and how it is to be done.

Issues such as business needs, possible problems arising, benefits of swift completion, incentives for individual are just a few topics that should be discussed and agreed upon at the onset of the project.

A more detailed outline may include the following:

•Resources for each tack should be well provided for

•Identifying the said resources

•Time estimation for each step completed within the exercise

•Estimating the cost of each individual segment that makes up the whole project.


3 Steps to Creating Positive Energy

Thoughts have the power to affect you and the way you live your life. Your thoughts are vital to creating and shaping the reality you experience. Thoughts are responsible for the creation of your emotional state, affecting your body, your health and your day-to-day living which influences your response to relationships and choices.

The power of your thoughts can enable your reality. For example, if you allow your fate to lie in other people’s hands, you are losing the power or capability to create a reality for yourself.

Once this power is lost to you, it makes it easy for other people to change and manipulate your world into something they want it to be. Only you have the right and power to transform your thoughts into creating the reality you want to live in. (mehr …)

Open Your Mind to Success

Success, in its broadest meaning, is not limited to only monetary and material possessions. Is your mind open enough to create and achieve your own definition of success?

Every individual has two sides to them. One side wants to move forward while the other side feels like pulling back. As each side struggles to take control of your decisions, which one wins – the negative or the positive?

We already know that manifesting positive thoughts can create positive outcomes. Having a closed mind or not having a definition of success outside of monetary and material possessions can greatly inhibit your ability to get what you want out of your life. If you pride yourself on your stubbornness and are not one to welcome new experiences, your closed mind will keep you stuck right where you are. (mehr …)

Ralf’s Affirmations for your Bucket List


Use Affirmations to create and life your Bucket list to control your subconscious mind.When you truly desire to change your behavior on an innate level, you  must bypass the critical factor of your conscious mind and implant the  new information directly into your subconscious mind.  Affirmations are one method of getting information into your  subconscious mind. The use of affirmations involves listening ore  reading an affirmation repeatedly; this method not only allows the  positive suggestion to be heard by your conscious mind but their  repetition allows them to make an impact on your subconscious level of  mind.

How Affirmations Can Help You to Creating and Living your Bucket List

You have three levels of mind which work together to create the wonderful person that you are. Your unconscious mind regulates your biological patterns; your conscious mind helps you navigate your world, while your subconscious mind directs your behavior based upon the information given it via your conscious mind. Sometimes, though, the information that you wish to integrate into your subconscious mind is filtered through the critical factor of the conscious mind. When you truly desire to change your behavior on an innate level, you must bypass the critical factor of your conscious mind and implant the new information directly into your subconscious mind.

Affirmations are one method of getting information into your subconscious mind. The use of affirmations involves listening ore reading an affirmation repeatedly; this method not only allows the positive suggestion to be heard by your conscious mind but their repetition allows them to make an impact on your subconscious level of mind.

Start Living your Bucket List today tomorrow can be to late


Hi Today i have an important message!


After speaking with friends and I finding out that 2 friends are very sick suddenly, I really got aware that tomorrow can be to late !…
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