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Thoughts have the power to affect you and the way you live your life. Your thoughts are vital to creating and shaping the reality you experience. Thoughts are responsible for the creation of your emotional state, affecting your body, your health and your day-to-day living which influences your response to relationships and choices.

The power of your thoughts can enable your reality. For example, if you allow your fate to lie in other people’s hands, you are losing the power or capability to create a reality for yourself.

Once this power is lost to you, it makes it easy for other people to change and manipulate your world into something they want it to be. Only you have the right and power to transform your thoughts into creating the reality you want to live in.

Energy is neither positive or negative; it just is. The energy one produces feeds on equivalent energy that exists with a certain thought. It’s correct to assume, then, that negative thoughts feed on negative energy in the same manner that positive thoughts attract and feed on positive energy.

That explains why some individuals have negative incidents attached to them. Certain facets go on haunting certain individuals for years to the point that these individuals feels that they were born unlucky or that they are cursed. The truth, however, is that they have created and nurtured this negative energy to the point that any new energy headed their way will, in fact, become more negative energy.

The good news is that you have the power to rewrite and redirect this negative energy you have nourished. Here are three simple ways to rewrite your thoughts and, ultimately, your reality:

  1. Whenever a negative thought enters your mind, block it off instantly with a positive thought. Shift your attention and focus in a direction you believe can bring you more success and peace.
  2. Create an image of the new and positive reality you want to achieve and focus on it constantly. If you need to, create a scrapbook of images that positively reinforce this image.
  3. Look inside yourself to decide what needs to be done. Stay focused on the reality you want to achieve and remind yourself with positive thoughts and words.

All these steps on their own are not difficult, however the process of moving yourself from negative to positive thought and energy does require constant awareness on your part. Combine these steps with the passionate feeling deep inside you and you will create what you truly desire.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to convert negative energy into positive energy? We’d love to hear your thoughts (positive or negative).